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The Holiday Card Photoshoot Project!

We're launching a holiday card project at Wikia, and we want your community to participate. In the coming weeks, we'll be sending holiday greetings to all of our friends and family. What better way to express holiday cheer than to include a message about the exciting developments on wiki communities over the past year? We are constantly impressed by Wikia users, and we'll be using this holiday card to let the world know how much we appreciate your passion for community building.

We also think this will be a fun way for users to interact, get a sense of who other users are, and learn about fun things that happened on Wikia communities in 2011.

How It Works

So, how do you participate? It's easy! Simply upload a photo below by November 30 if you want to be included in the Wikia Holiday Card. The image can be from your user profile, from your community, or anything creative that you feel tells a story about your wiki. Note: Photos do NOT need to be holiday themed!

Here are three simple steps to get started:

  1. Add your image to the slideshow on the Holiday Card Wiki. The deadline to submit an image is November 30.
  2. In the caption, share a holiday greeting from your community or list one or two fun facts about the wiki.
  3. Make sure you also include a link to your wiki in the caption of the image.

After November 30, we'll be compiling all the submissions. We'll share a link to the card when it's live in mid-December here -- so keep your eyes peeled and follow this page! The card will include all of the images submitted provided they are appropriate. Please keep in mind that the images will appear tiled together on a landing page, so the more we have the better! Each image will have the name of your wiki and the fun fact you've provided about your community.

Thanks for participating and feel free to leave a message on Christina's talk page if you have any questions!

Holiday Card Photoshoot

  • Easy Crafts Wiki turned two this year and has over 1,000 photos!Go to Happy Crafty Holidays!
  • 261 trucks added since we started in July and growing daily!Go to - Hungry Holidays!
  • Information has expanded with the help of a newly release movie and novel!Go to - Happy Holidays, Mateys!
  • Happy Holidays from the Caribbean: we went from just over 1k pages to nearly 4kGo to Pirates Online Players Wiki -Happy Holidays
  • Merry Christmas from Arthur Wiki!Go to Arthur Wiki
  • Scrubs Wiki is now the official Scrubs site, as determined by series creator Bill Lawrence.Go to Scrubs Wiki
  • The gang over at the Always Sunny in Philadelphia Wiki has seen a large increase in edits, photos, and editors in 2011.Go to the Always Sunny Wiki
  • Happy Holidays from the Healthy Recipes Wiki!Go to Healthy Recipes Wiki
  • We're rolling. Season's greetings!
  • Arthur Wiki.Go to Merry Christmas :D
  • LEGO Universe is officially shutting down after running for hardly more than a year, and we never did get to say goodbye to Frostburgh...Go to the LEGO Universe Wiki
  • We're the best Doctor Who fansite!Go to The Doctor Who Series Wiki
  • The animated show meant a great growth for the Deadman Wonderland Wiki!Go to DW Wiki
  • Merry Christmas from the Final Fantasy Wiki!Go to Final Fantasy Wiki
  • We started in February '11 and we have over 2100 pages!Go to All
  • Birds Wiki
  • Brickipedia has grown to over 17,000 articles!Go to Brickipedia
  • Merry X-Mas from Sonic the Hedgehog!
  • Desperate Housewives has been going for eight fantastic years, and now we're in it's final season! And it's ending with a bang!Go to Wiksteria Lane
  • Merry christmas from annoying orange wiki!
  • Wang Yuanji, Mitsunari Ishida and Da Ji are here to wish you all Happy HolidaysGo to KOEI Wiki
  • Have a very ANGRY holiday! U MAD? Cool story, bro. We Vandalized over 90 pages this year!Woot!Go to Trollopolis Wiki
  • Lets give friendship and receive magic.Go to My Little Pony Friendship is Magic wiki
  • Have a happy and prosperous holiday!Go to Call of Duty Wiki
  • Merry Christmas From Bootvile on Kid vs Kat Wiki!Go to
  • Merry Christmas from the Ranma Wiki!Go to Ranma Wiki
  • Happy holidays from your friends at WikiShrekGo to WikiShrek
  • The Uncharted Wiki reached 1000 articles this year, and that number is growing thanks to the recent release of Uncharted 3! Happy Holidays from all of us here!
  • Merry Christmas from the Mews at Tokyo Mew Mew Fanon!Go to Tokyo Mew Mew Fanon
  • Marry Christmas from Awesome Anime and Manga Wiki!Go to Awesome Anime and Manga Wiki
  • RuneScape Wiki Season Greetings :pGo to Happy Holidays!!! :D
  • After more than doubling the amount of pages and photos on our wiki this year, we want to say "Merry Christmas!"-nasa wikiGo to NASA Wiki
  • Doctor Who- Season's greetings
  • Merry Christmas from TARDIS Wiki!
  • Seasons Greetings from the world of Camp Half-Blood!Go to For everything related to the Camp Half-Blood Series
  • Happy Holidays, from the KTC RPGers.Go to -KTC RPG Wiki
  • Happy Holidays from Park Pedia!!!
  • A merry Chirstmas from the Sugar Sugar Rune Wiki!Go to We need your help too you know?
  • Happy holidays from the ClayFighter wiki!Go to go to -ClayFighter Wiki-
  • PMCW now has 100 pages! =) Happy Holidays!Go to Power Miners Custom Wiki
  • Lost has been over for nearly two years now, but its fans are staying loyal! Merry christmas!Go to Lostpedia
  • Merry Christmas from this fresh, new wikia for the fresh, new show Once Upon a Time'!Go to Storywik Maine
  • Happy Holidays from Red vs. Blue Wiki, a wikia that is loved by Red vs. Blue creator, Burnie Burns!Go to Red vs. Blue Wiki
  • This wiki was made just this year, and has grown from nothing to over 100 pages! It's totally original, too!
  • "Season Four of Star Wars: The Clone Wars is in full swing! Happy Holidays!" -Clone Wars Wiki
  • User:Legoclones gives greetings from Clone Trooper Wiki! This wiki has 44 pages.Go to
  • Happy Holiday's to everyone on Wikia. This is Lieutenanat Kale Vincent , 10th Battle Group, Red Wing from Battle Group X Wikia. Over and Out!
  • The Official Misguided Wiki wishes you Merry Christmas!Go to Misguided Wiki
  • Omi - Where are my presents?Go to Stop on over to the Xiaolin Showdown Wiki this holiday season for all your Xiaolin Showdown needs!
  • Come check out the first trailer for Snow White and The Huntsman!Go to
  • The Nitrome Wiki is now 3 years old, and at 1400 pages!Go to Stop by the Nitrome Wiki for all your holiday Nitrome gaming!
  • Happy Holidays from Death Note Wiki!Go to Death Note Wiki
  • Light and L wish you Happy Holidays from Death Note Wiki!Go to Death Note Wiki
  • lol comixGo to Lol Comix wiki says "Merry very chrismas!"
  • The Custom Bionicles Wiki wishes you all a Merry Christmas!
  • Soundwave and Laserbeak wish you all a Merry Christmas from the Transformers: Dark of the Moon Wiki!
  • The Heroes at the Custom Hero Factory Wiki will save the holidays for you!
  • A very happy SLS AMG November greeting from Autopedia!Go to
  • The Baten Kaitos Wiki says Happy Holidays! Here's a nice little Christmas scene from series creator Yasuyuki Honne!Go to
  • The Last Apprentice Wiki... We've Been Expecting You.Go to The Wiki!
  • Happy Holidays from the Harvest Moon/Rune Factory wiki!!!Go to Harvest Moon/Rune Factory wiki.
  • The LDD Wiki Invites YOU for the holidays. =DGo to Visit Today, Before the Egg Nog Runs Out!
  • Merry Christmas - CitesXL 2012Go to Cities XL2012
  • Everyone from Mickey Mouse to Snow White to Rapunzel wish you a Merry Christmas on Disney Wiki!
  • The drama is always on! Merry Christmas from Degrassi Wiki! Nobody does it better!
  • Happy Holidays from TARDIS Index File, the Doctor Who wiki!Go to
  • Happy holidays and a great new year from all of us at the Avatar Wiki!
  • Dick Figures wiki has been the only source of everything, Dick Figures.Go to w:c:dickfigures
  • WoWWiki Holiday card 2011Go to
  • Total Drama Wiki would like to wish everyone very happy holidays! The drama continues on TD!Go to Total Drama Wiki
  • Merlin cast!
  • Merry Christmas from Rainbows Wikia
  • Merry Christmas from iCarly Wikia!
  • Have a happy Christmas with our favourite singer Joey!Go to Joey Yung Wiki
  • Seasons Greetings! Gamers unite to share their knowledge and experience! Thanks to Wiki for creating such a Community. from: Remnant Knights Wiki (Family)Go to Remnant Knights
  • Merry Christmas from the Multiverses Wiki, where even the most grumpy of Scrooges gets into the holiday spirit.
  • A content growth of over 500% in the last year for the Medaka Box Wiki!Go to Happy Holidays!
  • A promise kept, so the universe won't implode. A reminder from the cast of Stationery Voyagers of the real reason to celebrate Christmas, from DozerfleetWiki.Go to
  • Happy Christimas from the Blue Sky Chronicles Wiki !Go to Blue Sky Chronicles - The Ivalice Sages' Legacy
  • Life of Heroes RP Wiki--are you a hero or a villain?Go to
  • Grandia Wiki recently linked to the German Grandipedia!Go to Grandia Wiki
  • Merry Christmas from The Chamber of Affinity Wiki!Go to Merry Christmas from The Chamber of Affinity Wiki!
  • Happy holidays from the El Goonish Shive wiki!Go to The El Goonish Shive wiki
  • The Flag of the Republic of Paku! We will be declaring independence from the Fake Randomness wiki! USA within the month! Check out our stuff at the
  • We have been a part of the wikia community for 3 months and already have over 6 users!
  • The bug club wiki started about three months ago, and has 152+ photos.Go to Bug club wiki
  • Happy Holidays from Submachine Wiki
  • We have the finest information about the Beatles.Go to
  • We have the most recent information on Thomas and his Friends.Go to
  • Season's Greetings from the Leviathan Wiki! The number of pages on the wiki has quadrupled this year.Go to Leviathan Wiki
  • merry Christmas from Animal Jam Lovers wiki!Go to
  • The plot was never thicker when Snow White was reawakened.
  • Happy Holidays the LEGO Rock Raiders Fanon Wiki! We formed on 11/16/11!Go to
  • Happy Holidays from the Christmas Specials Wiki and The Disney Wiki
  • Happy/Merry Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc. from Currency Wiki!Go to
  • Merry Christmas! Share the insanity together at the Need For Madness Wiki!Go to Need For Madness Wiki
  • [[Merry Christmas From iCarly Wiki!!! <3]]Go to!e
  • Merry Xmas from Tunele Wiki,polish wiki about the "Tunnels" book!
  • Happy Holidays from the Men in Black Wiki. Here, Santa's sleigh is a spaceship and his reindeer are aliensGo to Men in Black Wiki
  • Happy Holidays from the WWII Wiki which went from 60 pages to 160 pages in under half a year!Go to
  • Happy Holiday from Joey Yung Wiki, the first most detailed website for Joey! Yay!Go to Joey Yung Wiki
  • Happy Holidays from the 1776 wiki!!! The 1776 wiki is new and fresh wiki and we need your help to help us improve!!! 1776 is a musical that honors the American Independence, July 4, 1776!!! Vote Yes for Independency!!!Go to
  • Merry Christmas from Weyland-Yutani corporation WikiGo to Merry Christmas from Weyland-Yutani corporation Wiki
  • In my country we spend our holidays in family either in resorts or at home but together....I found this beautiful photo so I wanted to share it...
  • Visit the Adele Wiki to join in on our holiday festivities!Go to Visit the Adele Wiki
  • Happy Frieza Day from Dragonball Z Kai Wiki!Go to Dragonball Z Kai Wiki if you got the reference!
  • Happy Holidays from the Ao no Exorcist Wiki!Go to Visit the wiki about Blue Exorcist
  • Merry Christmas and Hakuna Matata from The Lion King Wikia!Go to
  • Happy Holidays from the Vigilante 8 Wiki! Party like it's 1977!Go to Vigilante 8 Wiki!
  • Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday from Shank Wiki!!Go to Shank Wiki!!! Coming soon on 2012:Shank2
  • Many Mega Christmas Wishes from the Mega Jump Wiki!Go to Mega Jump Wiki
  • Happy Holidays from the Madison High wiki!Go to Link To Madi High Wiki
  • Hard work in production, please come and lend a tow rope.Go to
  • Happy Holidays from everyone at The Classic Car Wiki ( to
  • Happy holidays from Alternate History Wikia!!!Go to AltHist Wikia
  • The Pixie Wiki! Not just only pixies, but other mythological creatures too!Go to Go to Pixie Wikia